about us

RASANA Engineering Industries Co. provides design solutions to the most complexed projects that fulfill customer requirements at its very best. We efficiently design and fabricate any structural steel project from factories to shopping malls to multi storey buildings irrespective of its nature and size. Ever since RASANA Engineering Ind.Co.LLC was established in 1994 we have rapidly grown despite the competition in the field of steel construction and contracting sector. We have successfully established ourselves in the UAE and we have the experiance and enterprise to provide innovative solutions through our highly professional engineering and design team. During the past decade we have competently completed several prominent projects, including prime fedaral and local jobs. RASANA Engineering Ind.Co.LLC has been proudly ISO certified 9001-2000 in the year 2003. Our factories in Sharjah are managed by a competent and professional team consisting of more than two hundred qualified technical hands excluding the staff and erection team.RASANA group of companies include RASANA cont. in Sharjah, RASANA free Zone Company in SAIF Zone and RASANA Anlida Space Frame International in Singapore. We have not only operated throughout the Emirates with its branch in Dubai and Abudhabi, but have also ventured into the neighboring Gulf contries and expanded its operations in Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. RASANA Engineering Ind.Co.LLC.integrates its resources and expertise to provide engineering solutions at the finest cost, reliability and time.